Who Is City Boyz Music Group
Who is City Boyz? City Boyz is an adroit and accomplished music and events conglomerate. Started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Andreas β€œDre Day” Johnson, City Boyz has grown from a DJ group to a complete and unified brand. The music that City Boyz produces is defined by it’s varied, yet distinct sound. What unifies all of it is that of the messages of love, respect, empowerment, and constant growth. Produced by a team of talented musicians, City Boyz direction is completely in house – from the vocals, to the production, to the mastering, and to the distribution – everything is handled by the brand for the brand. Keeping everything together has helped to create such cohesion within the City Boyz Family, and encouraged others to jump on board as well. City Boyz is streamed on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and more. Along with music, City Boyz has ventured into fashion as well. Clothing has always been a big part of the music scene, and City Boyz has taken it by storm. Andreas knew from the beginning how important building a brand was, and how integral it can be to staying alive in a world of constant change. Together, coupled with a instantly recognizable brand icon, and a timeless sound, Andreas β€œDre Day” Johnson and Anthony " ATL" Lovelace presents to the world: City Boyz Music Group.